Anabolic Steroids – The Good Versus the Dangerous

Anabolic Steroids is one of those topics the vast majority of folks do not bother to know more about, and the thing is that it is in their best interest to know. The fact that there is always something more to learn may not be obvious, if you read enough you should be led to explore more. What can sometimes be on the fringe, in terms of information with value, is precisely what you do not want to ignore or miss.

Following this comprehensive approach will ultimately enable you to function much more competently only because you will know what needs to be understood. Anytime you are reading or learning about something, you have to widen your perspective so you have a more effective base from which to proceed.

Each type of anabolic steroid has it’s distinct effect on the body. This is a viable danger for unwary users. The casual user, who doesn’t really know a lot about steroids, might search for them through underground sources. Unfortunately, they don’t realize the dangers of the adverse effects they could experience.

The uninformed users aren’t the only ones who are unaware of the dangers. Even experienced steroid users can develop problems or have an adverse reaction. Anabolic Steroids, in truth, are not meant to be used to improve an athlete’s performance. One sad-but-true situation that has arisen with the advent of the internet is that anyone can find information on just about anything just be doing a simple search. Many “companies” sell illicit steroids online and this makes it easy for anyone to obtain them.

It really is our pleasure to be able to share so much research on Anabolic Steroids. If you think this is all there is, then that is not true at all which is only to your favor. You may think something could not be directly applicable in your situation, but just be a little careful about overlooking anything. That can sometimes be a mistake because on closer observation you will often change your mind. There have been more than a few times when our own minds were a little closed to some ideas and suggestions, but we learned that is not necessarily the way to go. So just keep going forward with the second part, and there will be more solid information that you can do some good things with.
So, if you think that you will not be able to remember it all, you can and we have confidence that it will gel with some helpful tips to follow.

Sometimes a steroid, such as Parabolan, fall into two classes. Parabolan is both androgenic and anabolic. This is a powerful compound that is five times more powerful than testosterone. The ability to build up muscle mass at the same time as decreasing fat cells is a benefit of Parabolan that body builders like. Muscle mass increase is one benefit of taking Parabolan as it discourages catabolism. Catabolic action is what occurs when other hormones cause muscles to give up, or release, proteins. Steroids such as Parabolan, which allow the muscle cells to retain more protein, is very sought-after by bodybuilders. Parabolan is called a “nutrient partitioning agent.” What this means is that from the foods a body builder eats, less will be converted into fat and more into muscle.

Let’s talk about Androstenedione. Sometimes it’s confused with the Anabolic Steroids, but it’s an androgenic steroid. There have been studies in years past in which there were no significant, if any, gains made in muscle size or fat loss with Androstenedione, or commonly called Andro. Nothing concrete among the scientific data available is favorable towards the use of Andro for performing athletes or body builders. What is interesting to note is that this readily-available steroid contains metabolic off-shoots that mutate into estrogens. The estrogenic effect won’t become apparent in a male until he has taken an amount that is capable of producing this effect.

Nandrolone Decanoate steroid is sold commercially as “Deca Durabolin.” This and other similarly derived steroids are commonly called, Deca. The side effects of Deca compounds are not considered dangerous. Conversely, if they use Deca, bodybuilders will not see the same results in enhanced muscle mass that they might find in other steroids.

This is generally considered a more weaker steroid as regards performance enhancement. While athletes might not find Deca that useful, HIV patients get good results by using it to retain their weight. Indeed, the minor after-affects of using Deca make it a no-brainer for the treatment of sufferers of AIDS. One side effect, however, that must be kept in mind is the slight androgenic effect produced by Deca.

Over the years, certain type of Anabolic Steroids, plus other classes, have been deemed to have no useful therapeutic value. As a result of the consensus of opinion being that these particular steroids have no “therapeutic” value, they were controlled so they could not be used by anyone or even manufactured.

But even though these steroids may not have a use in the medical community, they can be used by athletes to improve their performance. The known side effects of these various substances are either well-known or incomplete. There are steroids that are not available in large enough quantities so it is not practical or feasible to continue to research them.

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